Dr. Amit Ghose in his introductory speech

Dr. Indrani Chakravarty, Gerontologist, in her presentation

The world is ageing rapidly. People aged 60 and above make up 12.3% of the global population and by 2050 that number will rise to almost 22%. Hence population ageing is no longer an insignificant subject. The demographic transition is irreversible. The persons above 60 would reach 2 billion by the year 2050. In most countries the number of those above 80 is likely to quadruple to nearly 400 million by then.

It is the vision that is driving the Health Committee of The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry in presenting our own tribute to the Senior Citizens of our Nation, who are the reason for us to be wherever we are today – as a Country, as Professionals, as Individuals and as Members of our own Families.


Launching of eBook
on Royal Ageing

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Action Plan

The entire program will have three verticals

a. Challenges of ageing and its royal solutions

b. Planning of Funds & Insurance

c. Education about healthy eating in life particularly in ageing ... more

Focussed Verticals

  • Access to Quality Healthcare

  • Enabling Environments

  • Social Status & Security of the Elderly

  • The Wellness Economy

  • Financial Resource Planning & Insurance ... more

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