About about BHF

Bengal Health Foundation is a platform to create awareness about health and consciousness about the role of health issues in our everyday life. The dynamics of health is actually one of the principle driving forces of any society or country. It is powerful enough to give not only a direction of to the society but also to define the human well being index or the happiness index of a society or a country... more


  • To spread public awareness of Health Care and Preventive Health Care

  • To support public at large in various Medical problems including Financial Help, consultation with medical professionals... more


Our Activities

  • Organize public programs and e-propagations about detection of Cancer.

  • Conduct awareness programs including training in advancement in medical skills such as Robotic Surgery in advanced medical procedures.

  • Create awareness about advancement in managing Cancer.

  • Take the bull by the horn in trying to have a better understanding in the society about how to achieve excellence in health, particularly affordable health.

  • Set up Out Patient Department, Clinic, Medical facilities to provide health care to public at large.

Ensuing Events


Next doctors conference on 14 December 2019.
Details coming up soon.

Past Events


CAPCON Kolkata 2019 - CAP Summit on 24 and 25 May, 2019.
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Dr. Amit Ghose in 23rd Family Physicians Conference on 27 January 2019.
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